How to delete Safari downloads automatically

How to hide the Safari toolbar on iPhone

We show you how to automatically delete Safari downloads from the iPhone and not have to be aware of them.

So you can delete Safari downloads automatically

Today we are going to teach you delete Safari downloads automatically from our iPhone. A good way to get rid of known junk files.

When we surf the internet and look for files to download, what we surely do not know is that there are traces left in Safari. These so-called junk files remain in our browser and obviously on our iPhone. Once we have the file downloaded, we can delete this data that remains in said browser.

In APPerlas we are going to show you how to eliminate them without having to be aware of them. That is, once it is downloaded, it is removed from the browser.

How to delete Safari downloads automatically

What we must do is go to the settings of the iPhone or iPad. Once here, we look for the Safari tab and go directly to the <>.

remove downloads from Safari 1delete downloads by Safari 1

Go to the ‘Downloads’ tab

Inside here it will give us the possibility to select the location of our downloads, but what interests us is to eliminate the downloads. This is the tab that is at the bottom and which we must press …

remove downloads from Safari 2delete safari 2 downloads

Select the most interesting option for us

Doing so will give us a choice of three options. We must choose an option that suits our needs, we will recommend one, but we will give you all the options, which are:

  • After a day.
  • Upon successful completion of the download.
  • Manually.

We we recommend select the second one, in this way, once the file has been downloaded it will be deleted. We achieve it with this, it is not to leave a trace on our device of that downloaded file and thus we will not have to be pending to delete it.

A very good function, which will prevent us from storing junk files that are of no use to us at all.


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