How to delete Safari bookmarks on iPhone or iPad

How to delete Safari bookmarks on iPhone or iPad

We show you how to delete Safari bookmarks, both on iPhone and iPad, from the main browser screen.

This is how you can delete Safari bookmarks

Today we are going to teach you remove Safari bookmarks. A good way to leave room for new ones and eliminate those that we no longer use.

When we find a page that we tend to enter too much, it is always more convenient for us to add it to favorites and thus have direct access. This is very useful, but perhaps it becomes a bit cumbersome when we start accumulating more and more favorites on this main screen.

That is why we are going to show you how to eliminate them, in order to make room for new favorites.

How to remove Safari bookmarks

The process is very simple, and in a few steps we will have removed those favorites from the Safari home screen. So let’s go.

To get started, we must logically open the browser app. Once here, we will see that the first screen that appears is the one of our favorites. That is, we see all the icons of the websites that we have saved. But what we want is to be able to remove them from this screen.

What we must do is press and hold the icon of the web that we want to delete from here and we will see how a menu automatically appears. In this menu we will see the tab we are looking for …

remove favorites from Safari 1remove favorites by Safari 1

Long press and delete

Click on delete and it will be directly deleted from the favorites. The icon no longer appears on this screen and therefore, everything will be less cumbersome.

In this simple way, you can eliminate these websites that you had saved and that you no longer use, either to leave space or to make way for new websites that you want to save. The important thing is that we know where each one is.


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