How to delete an Instagram account from iPhone

Instagram allows you to see who has seen your Stories for 48 hours

These steps are what you must follow if you want delete an Instagram account from iPhone.

Delete an Instagram account

Delete an Instagram account

Today we are going to teach you how to delete an account Instagram from the iPhone. And we say from the iPhone, because it is a procedure that normally must be done from a computer. In APPerlasAs always, we make it easy.

Surely it has not crossed your mind to delete your account from this social network. But if you have come this far, it is because you have considered it. But whatever the reason, we give you the necessary guidelines to make everything much easier. And of course, you only have to use your mobile device for it.

How to delete an Instagram account from iPhone, permanently:

In the following video we explain everything:

We are going to provide absolutely everything and you are only going to have to follow the steps that we give you. We already anticipate that it is really simple, it will be as easy as pressing a button.

In order to eliminate it, we will have to click on the button that we are going to leave you below. That button will take us directly to the section in which we can delete it. Therefore, we click on the following button:

Click HERE to delete the account

Click HERE to delete the account

This leads us to enter, from the web version, to a section of our account Instagram, which is not available in the app.

Delete instagram account

Enter your details

It may be that it asks us for the username and password or, directly, that we confirm if it is our account that appears on the screen. Once we enter confirming our profile, or entering the access data of the account that we want to delete, the option to delete account will appear.

Remove Instagram account from iPhone

Delete Instagram account from iPhone

If you don’t want to be so radical, you have the option of deactivate your Instagram account temporarily.



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