How to customize the share sheet on iOS

How to customize the share sheet on iOS

Among the many improvements Apple unveiled with the release of iOS 13, few have received as much praise as the improved share sheet. When you want to share something from your iPhone, tweet it or save it in an application, the sharing sheet is your reference. Read on for great tips on customizing the share sheet on iOS to make it work for you.

Customize the application sharing bar

Better identified as the horizontal line that begins with the white AirDrop icon, the app share bar is one of the best aspects of the improved share sheet. This row of icons is based on what your device thinks you want to use and learns over time. You will find Messages, Mail, Pocket, Notes, Facebook, Reddit, a weather application or any other application that you use frequently.

To modify the applications that appear visibly on this line:

1. Scroll completely to the right until you reach an icon labeled “More”. You can’t miss it because it’s at the end of the line.

Plus button on iOS

2. Tap Edit at the top right of the screen. All of your recently used apps have a red circle while all of the apps below have a green circle. The only application that remains permanent is AirDrop and it cannot be moved.

Edit iOS share sheetEdit iOS share sheet

3. “Suggestions” are applications that also see heavy use on your device, but less than the others listed under “Favorites”.

Share the favorites sheetShare the favorites sheet

4. You now have two options. Rearrange the apps in your favorites by tapping the three horizontal bars on the right side and move the app up or down. This will reposition the application in your favorites. You can also swap and replace the apps listed in Suggestions with those listed in Favorites.

Organize the iOS share sheetOrganize the iOS share sheet

5. When you are finished dragging your favorites or replacing them with suggestions, tap Done.

Organization of the iOS share sheet completeOrganization of the iOS share sheet complete

6. Open your share sheet again and you will immediately see all your changes.

Customize Ios changes to the share sheetCustomize Ios changes to the share sheet

Customize the Action section

While the application sharing bar only concerns specific applications, the “Action Section” is more concerned with the execution of a specific action. Do you want to copy and share a URL? Do you want to use a shortcut? The Action section is where you will go for these types of tasks.

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1. In any application, press the Share button. This button looks like a square with a north pointing arrow coming out of it.

Customize the Ios share button on the share sheetCustomize the Ios share button on the share sheet

2. Scroll to the bottom of the share sheet and click “Edit actions”.

Customize the Ios share sheet Modify actionsCustomize the Ios share sheet Modify actions

3. Like the section above, you have a multitude of options, including favorites, Safari and other actions.

Customize the Ios bookmarks sharing sheetCustomize the Ios bookmarks sharing sheet

4. To delete everything currently in Favorites, tap the red circle with the minus symbol. To add extras to Safari, press one of the more green buttons. Do the same with the other actions. Just press the green plus button, and they will automatically move to the favorites.

Customize the red green Ios share sheetCustomize the red green Ios share sheet

5. When you have finished rearranging, press the Done button. All of your changes will be reflected when you return to the Share Sheet screen.

Customize the changes saved on the share sheetCustomize the changes saved on the share sheet


As powerful as Apple’s new share sheet may be, it’s also incredibly easy to customize. There are bound to be even more changes you want to make as you discover new apps, shortcuts, or features. Apple’s decision to redesign the share sheet is one of the best features of iOS 13. The fact that the share sheet is even cooler in dark mode is just a bonus.


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