How to customize and improve Twitter notifications

How to customize and improve Twitter notifications

We show you how to customize and improve Twitter notifications, to receive only what we really want.

So you can improve Twitter notifications

Today we are going to teach you customize and improve Twitter notifications. A great way to receive everything we want and put the rest aside.

When we enter Twitter, we may receive a lot of information at once. The same happens with notifications, we receive one for each thing that happens on this social network. That is why the best thing we can do is customize this type of notifications, so that we can receive what we really want.

Us, from one of our APPerlas accounts, we are going to show you how to do it, in a few simple steps.

How to customize and improve Twitter notifications

What we have to do is go to the app. When we enter this, we go directly to the configuration of it. It will be from here from where we will be able to do everything.

Once in the settings, which we access from the menu on the left (click on the horizontal bars icon), we look for the tab <>.

improve Twitter notifications 1improve Twitter notifications 1

Click on the notifications tab

Inside, we will see everything related to the configuration of the notifications of the account in which we are, in case of having several. But of all the tabs that we see, we must look at the one that says <>.

improve Twitter notifications 2improve Twitter notifications 2

Click on the Advanced Filters tab

From here we will be able to apply filters to the notifications that we will receive. That is, we will be able to configure each and every one of those notifications that we receive right now to our liking. We will find the following options:

  • That you don’t follow
  • Don’t follow you
  • Whose account is new
  • They still use the default profile photo
  • They have not confirmed their email
  • They don’t have your confirmed phone number

In this way, we will only receive, as we have commented, notifications from those people we really love or those we follow.


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