How to create wish lists on Amazon from your app

How to create wish lists on Amazon from your app

We show you the way to create wish lists on Amazon, all from the same app, to be able to save everything we want.

We show you how to create wish lists on Amazon

Today we are going to teach you create wish lists on Amazon. A great way to be able to have separated and by categories, everything that we like.

When we get into Amazon or when we want to search for something, we always see several interesting options. Or maybe we go into these apps to see what we find or what suits our needs at that time. We may not always want to buy something, but we do want to keep it in mind.

If this is your case, you will be interested in creating a different wish list or having them organized by category, in order to know where you have each item.

How to create a wish list on Amazon

The first thing to do is go to the Amazon app. Once here we go to our profile and go directly to the section of <>.

If we have never created one, the one that is created by default will appear, but since we want to create a new one, we must click on the tab that appears above with the name of <>.

create wish lists on Amazon 1create wish lists on Amazon 1

Click on create a wish list

By clicking on this tab, the menu will appear to configure our new list. We must give it a name, whatever we want, in order to differentiate it from the others.

create wish lists on Amazon 2create wish lists on Amazon 2

Name the new list

Once this is done, we will have our list created and we can add articles to it. So when we see something that is related to one of the lists that we have created, we just have to select that list so that the article goes directly there.

A very good function that comes in handy for a birthday and even for Christmas gifts.


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