How to create broadcast lists on Telegram from iPhone or iPad

How to create broadcast lists on Telegram from iPhone or iPad

We show you the way to create broadcast lists on Telegram, in order to send a message to several contacts at the same time.

Telegram broadcast lists

So we can create broadcast lists on Telegram

Today we are going to teach you create broadcast lists on Telegram. A great function that we find in WhatsApp, but that apparently, we do not have in this other messaging platform.

Telegram It has a multitude of functions that WhatsApp It does not have, although the latter is incorporated as time passes. But it is true, that there are other types of functions that Telegram It does not have or that perhaps they are made in a different way. And that is the case of the diffusion lists, that we can create in another way.

So if you have tried to create these lists and you have not been able to, do not miss anything that we are going to tell you, because you are going to be able to create them without problem.

How to create broadcast lists on Telegram

What we should do is go to the app Telegram and we create a new message. From here we will see several options, contacts … Among all these, what we must do is create a new channel, so we click on the tab of <>.

Telegram broadcast lists 1broadcast lists on Telegram 1

Create a new channel

Once this is done, we create our channel putting a name to it and also a description, if we want. Then we go ahead and select all the contacts to whom we want to send the message or the broadcast list.

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Once they are selected, the chat screen will appear and we can write our message. This message will reach all the contacts that we have selected, but as data … no contact that is in this channel will be able to answer, unless they do it to us privately. In this way, our message will get better and there will be no loss.

But in case it has not been clear to you, we are going to leave you a video in which we explain everything step by step …

Video in which we explain everything discussed


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