How to create and send a GIF with Instagram filters for WhatsApp

How to create and send a GIF with Instagram filters for WhatsApp

We show you the way to create and send a GIF with the Instagram filters by WhatsApp or by the app that we want.

GIF with Instagram filters

So you can make a GIF with Instagram filters

Today we are going to teach you Create a GIF with Instagram filters. Ideal to send by WhatsApp or by any other messaging app.

Since the filters came to Instagram Stories, everything has been a revolution. It is true that it was a copy of Snapchat, but on this social network, it has been given more popularity. That is why we use the infinity of filters that this social network provides us daily.

But today we are going to go one step further and we are going to create a GIF with these filters that we use in Instagram Stories. In this way you can use them wherever you want.

How to create a GIF with Instagram filters

The first thing we must do is to go to Instagram Stories and find the filter that we are going to use. When we have it, instead of publishing it, we should save the video on the reel. To do this, click on the down arrow button that appears at the top …

GIF with Instagram filters 1GIF with Instagram filters 1

Save the video

Once we have it saved, the simplest is to go to WhatsApp and share that video with someone. But this time, instead of sending it as video, we will send it as GIF. You just have to follow the steps that we explained in your day in our article to send videos as gif

Following these steps, we can send that video as a GIF. The other person will receive it as such and now we can save it on our reel to use it whenever we want …

GIF with Instagram filters 2GIF with Instagram filters 2

Save the sent GIF

And ready, now when we want to use that GIF, we take it from the reel and send it to whoever we want. In this way, we can make one with each and every one of the filters that we like from Instagram Stories.

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