How to create Amazon Prime Video profiles from iPhone

How to create Amazon Prime Video profiles from iPhone

We show you the way to create profiles in Amazon Prime Video from the iPhone or from the iPad, so that nobody sees your things.

profiles on Amazon Prime Video

So you can create profiles on Amazon Prime Video

Today we are going to teach you create profiles on Amazon Prime Video. A good way for each user to have their own section so that no one can see what you are seeing.

If you are an Amazon Prime Video user, you may have verified that the app has evolved over time. And we have a service at a really low cost, which offers us a lot of content and quality. That is why every day it has more subscribers and therefore, its app is improving.

In this case, it gives us the possibility to create profiles, ideal for all members of the house or for friends, in the event that we want to share.

How to create profile in Amazon Prime Video

What we must do is go to the app and go directly to our profile. To do this, click on the icon <>, where it will take us to the place where we have stored our series and others.

Here, we should look at the top, where our name will appear and also an arrow. Click on this and it will give us the possibility of creating a new profile.

profiles on Amazon Prime Video 1profiles on Amazon Prime Video 1

Click on the name and then again

We just have to press where it puts us <> and ready. We can already have another profile in this app, for that other user who wants to share the account with us. In this way, we will have our privacy and that other person will have their own.

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So do not hesitate any more and create another profile and stop warming your head to know from the chapter that you are going or if you have seen or stopped seeing.


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