How to create a voice group in Telegram with whoever you want

How to free up space on Telegram and iPhone by activating this function

We show you how to create a voice group on Telegram with the people you want and thus be able to create debates without writing.

So you can create a voice group on Telegram

Today we are going to show you how to create a voice group on Telegram. Ideal to start a discussion group in which nobody can write, but they can send audios.

Right now, voice groups and even social networks in which only voice rooms are created are very much the order of the day. So one of the best messaging applications, has not wanted to be left behind and has done the same but with its own application. From it we can create one of these rooms without any problem.

We at APPerlas are going to show you the way in which we can do it and the steps we must follow in order to create one of these rooms.

How to create a voice group on Telegram

The process is very simple and we must practically follow the same steps that we follow to create a chat. The only thing that there will be a single variant that we will explain to you.

Therefore, before continuing, we must be clear It is not necessary to create a new chat and we can do it from the group that we already have. But yes, this group must have been created by us.

Once we know this, we direct you to the group that we have created or that we have already created and we go to its information. Once here, click on the icon of the three dots that we see and a menu will appear …

voice group in Telegram 1voice group in Telegram 1

Click on the three dots icon

In this menu, as seen in the image, we must click on the tab <>. By doing so, this chat will be created for us, and it will tell us that ‘how we want to appear if with our name or with the name of the group that we have created’. We select the option we want and automatically the icon to start in this room appears below …

voice group in Telegram 2group voice in Telegram 2

Activate the microphone to speak

We will have our voice room created and ready to use with all the contacts that we want, without any problem.

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