How to create a post on Instagram for adults

How to create a post on Instagram for adults

We show you the way to create a publication on Instagram for adults, so that only the public that we want can see it.

So you can create a post on Instagram for adults

Today we are going to teach you create a post on Instagram for adults. A good way to upload content for a certain audience and of whatever age we want.

On many occasions, we are likely to see content on this social network, which is undoubtedly not for all audiences. That is why we are somewhat reluctant to use this type of content or this type of social media with minors.

We are going to give you a solution, in the event that we want to publish some somewhat sensitive content and that we do not want certain people of certain ages to access it.

How to create a post on Instagram for adults

The process is very simple, we must do everything and as we have always done. The only thing we have to change is the part in which we are going to publish the content.

This part is the one in which they tell us if we also want to share on Facebook or if we want to add a location, create a caption … This is where we will find a tab with advanced settings, this tab has the name of “Advanced configuration”. So we click on this.

It will be here where we see certain functions that we can modify based on our publication. But also, we will see that there is a section with the name of “Minimum age”.

Instagram for older 1

Click on the Minimum age tab

Click on this so that it automatically takes us to a new section in which we will be able to configure without problem the age at which our content will be able to be seen. In addition, it includes an option that It will allow us to select the age by country.

Instagram for older 2

Select at age

We select the age and voila, that publication of ours will only be able to be seen by people of the age that we have chosen.


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