How to create a carousel on Instagram from the iPhone

How to switch from one Instagram account to another quickly

We show you how to make a carousel on Instagram from the iPhone, with the new way we have now and not with the old one.

Check out the new way to post a carousel on Instagram

Today we are going to teach you create a carousel on Instagram from the iPhone. The new form that we have available, since the button that we previously had for it, has disappeared.

Before, when we wanted to make a carousel on Instagram, it was as simple as clicking on the button we had for it and selecting the images. This has now changed and you may be heating your head to find a way to be able to share several photos in the same publication.

Don’t worry, this feature hasn’t disappeared, it has just changed and the button has been removed from where it was. But at APPerlas we are going to give you the solution right now.

How to create a carousel on Instagram, the new way

As we have mentioned, before it was as easy as pressing the button and selecting the images. Now this has changed and, believe it or not, it is much simpler.

To do this, we will not have to press any button or search for a separate menu or anything like that. What we should do is, press and hold a photo and we will automatically see how it gives us the option to select more …

carousel on Instagram 1

Press and hold an image and then select the others

In this way, we can publish a carousel of images on Instagram, without the need to press the button that we used to have. So stop heating your head, the solution was right there.

If you have not tried this function yet, you can now do it and share with that person who has not yet found out about this Instagram news, the way to share carousels on this social network.


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