How to Create 9 Patch Images Offline Without Software

How to Create 9 Patch Images Offline Without Software

Find out how to create a 9 patch image for an Android app without any software or apps. The Android developer should be familiar with the patch 9 image. 9 patch image is a flexible PNG graphic that automatically resizes to fit the view content and screen size. The selected parts of the image are scaled horizontally or vertically based on the mark drawn in the image usually by a black line or black point.

Simple offline nine patch generator

Currently, I have not found any Windows application to create this type of image except to resize it. You can try Nine Patch Resizer created by Redwarp. As for Android, the Android 9 patch editor and ninepng are two available alternatives. But these apps have a shortcoming, they cannot create the image automatically for any screen density. Therefore, I present to you how to create an image of 9 patches without any software, without internet connection here. The trick is to use a web browser, any web browser, here’s how:

  • Visit the Simple nine patch generator page. You can directly create your patch 9 image online.
  • To use it offline, just save the page. Right click in your browser and choose “Save Page”.
  • Rename the saved page as desired and then save it somewhere in your computer.
  • To start creating the patch 9 image, find the saved page and open it. You can now create your patch 9 image offline without internet

Easy, you no longer need to visit the Simple Nine-patch Generator page. And no software or apps need to be installed, you just need a browser. The only minor thing about this trick is that you can’t image in a zip package. But it’s not really a big deal, you can save it manually. Or choose only what you need. I found this trick myself while modifying BBM apps for Android. Take a look and try my modified app at BBM with privacy protection features. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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