How to copy text from an image with the iPhone camera

How to copy text from an image with the iPhone camera

We show you the way to copy the text of an image, just by focusing the camera on our iPhone to the text we are seeing.

text of an image

So you can copy the text of an image

Today we are going to teach you copy the text of an image. A good way to get text from an image and be able to use it wherever we want.

Surely more than once you have wanted to copy a text that you have found in a photo, on a poster or in a shop window. Wherever you are from, you have surely wanted to take that text and use it anywhere else. If it is short, you can write it in a moment, but if it is a fairly long text … things get complicated.

That is why we are going to show you how to copy those types of texts, the long ones, on our iPhone, in the place that we want.

How to copy text from an image

The first thing we must do is have the Google search engine installed on our iPhone, for this, We download the necessary app.

Once we have it downloaded, it is as simple as opening the app and going to the Google Lens section. With this function we can achieve many things, but one of them is what we are going to comment below. We are going to copy the text of an image, no matter how long.

Therefore, we click on the Lens icon, which is the square that appears just to the right of the search bar and then on the paper icon with text.

text of an image 1text of an image 1

Click on the text icon

Now we just have to focus the camera on the text that we want to copy and we will see how the iPhone automatically selects it. .

text from image 2text from image 2

Click on the copy text tab

When everything is selected, click on the button <> and ready. It will be copied to the clipboard and we can paste it wherever we want, such as in a note, for example.

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