How to convert a Live Photo to video and several to a short video

How to convert a Live Photo to video and several to a short video

We are going to tell you how convert a Live Photo to video, with its sound and everything. Also and as a gift, at the end of the article we will tell you a way to make short videos that you are going to love.

Transform a Live Photo into video

The Live Photo what does our iPhone, they give a lot of play. We have tutorials for iPhone and iPad in which we explain how to do everything with them. It is a function that, if you are not taking advantage of it, from now on you will surely do so.

We can give different effects to those images like loop effect, bounce and long exposure. We can also convert them to GIF to share by Whatsapp and other messaging apps and social networks, we can create with them animated wallpapers…. Today, as we have already advanced in the headline, we are going to teach you how to convert them into videos.

How to transform a Live Photo into video:

Some time ago we made a tutorial, which can still be done, on how turn one of these images into a video with sound. Of course, it is much more complicated than the way that we are going to tell you below, but it allows you to customize the video even more.

The way that we are going to tell you today is very, very simple. You have to do the following:

  • Select the Live Photo that we want to convert into video.
  • Click on the share button (little square with an up arrow that we can find in the lower right part of the screen).
  • Go down the menu and choose the option “Save as video”.

Option «Save as video»

In this way, that 3-second video will be saved on our reel… see how easy it is?

Create a great short video with multiple images in this format:

But it is also that, if we follow the steps that we have commented before and select instead of one, several Live Photo that do not have any effect applied such as bounce, loop …, we can save a video with all of them thus creating a curious video that you will surely love.

TIP: Yes, make sure they all have the same image format because if you mix vertical photos with horizontal photos, the video comes out with some other blur.

We hope that you have found this tutorial interesting and that you share it with all those people who you think it can come with pearls.



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