How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to Laptop, iPhone and Other Devices

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to Laptop, iPhone and Other Devices

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus headphones contain an incredible set of features. From controlling notifications to customizing the action of touchpads, it offers a lot. Plus, wireless charging and 22 hours of battery life are the icing on the cake. And the great thing is that pairing the Galaxy Buds Plus with laptops and smart watches is just as easy as connecting to a Samsung phone.

Yes, the Galaxy Buds Plus can also function as regular headphones when paired with your laptop or smartwatch. Nothing like grooving your favorite song while you keep doing your work, right?

However, unlike the Jabra Elite 75t, the Galaxy Buds Plus cannot stay connected to two different devices at the same time, contrary to what was stated when they were first released.

However, pairing these wireless Bluetooth headphones is a walk in the park. We will explore how to pair the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus with iPhones, laptops and smartwatches.

So without further ado, let’s get started. But first:

How to pair the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus with a laptop or desktop

Let’s start with the most obvious thing first – when you want to connect your laptop or desktop computer with Samsung Galaxy Buds. Here are the steps.

Step 1: To get started, just open the case. This pushes the buttons in pairing mode. This means that it makes them discoverable by your phone, laptops and other compatible gadgets.

Jabra Elite 75t vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus 6

The only thing you need to remember here is to disconnect them from the previous device.

2nd step: On your Windows 10 PC, go to the Settings menu (simply press the Windows key + shortcut I), go to Device> Bluetooth and other devices.

How to connect Galaxy Buds Plus to cellphone and other devices 1

Once inside, add Bluetooth or other devices to start the analysis.

Step 3: Press the first option, then the headphones will appear if they are within pairing distance. And now you know the rest.

How to Connect Galaxy Buds Plus to an i Cell Phone and Other Devices 2

Just press the connect button and you can stream your favorite show on Netflix or your songs your favorite song on YT Music on your Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

The good news is that your laptop will remember the last paired device when you next open it. All you have to do is remove the heads from the case and the rest will be taken care of by the system.

How to pair Galaxy Buds Plus to Mac

Pairing the Galaxy Buds Plus with an Apple MacBook Pro or Macbook Air is just as simple. Follow the steps below and you will be sorted.

Step 1: Open the Galaxy Buds Plus case cover to push it into pairing mode. Just like the above version, you will have to dissociate them from the previous device because they have trouble connecting if they remain paired with another device.

2nd step: On your Mac, tap the status menu and select the AirPods option to open the Bluetooth menu.

How to pair the Jabra Elite 75t with a laptop and other devices 5

The buttons will appear in the Bluetooth menu as soon as your Mac detects them.

How to connect Galaxy Buds Plus to cellphone and other devices 1

Then click the Connect button and get ready to stream your favorite songs.

Pro tip: You can change the sound of the left and right earphones via the Audio preferences option in the Bluetooth menu.

How to pair Connect Galaxy Buds Plus to Smartwatch

One of the benefits of having a smart watch with music storage on board is that you can take your favorite songs with you on errands and walks. And you can leave your smartphone at home.

If you have a Samsung smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Active 2, pairing them with headphones is one of the easiest tasks.

Top 2 Ways To Add Music To Samsung Active 2 Watch 16

Step 1: As with the steps above, you just need to put the Galaxy Buds Plus in pairing state.

2nd step: Once done, open your phone’s Bluetooth menu by going to Settings> Connection> Bluetooth> Bluetooth Audio.

How to Connect Galaxy Buds Plus to an i Cell Phone and Other Devices 4

Tap Scan and the headphones will appear in the menu.

How to Connect Galaxy Buds Plus to an i Cell Phone and Other Devices 5

Now just hit Connect and that’s it. It’s simple, see. You can also activate / deactivate the option Only for calls according to your preference.

Step 3: The next time you want to listen to your favorite soundtrack, go to the Music widget on your smart watch and tap the little smartphone icon. Once it’s in watch mode, press the Play button to play the songs loaded in the watch.

Don’t stop the music

Obviously, you lose some functionality when not connected to a phone, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring these wireless headphones further. Did you know that you can also increase the level of ambient sound via the Labs function? Well, now you know.

So what is your favorite feature of the Galaxy Buds Plus? Let me start, I love its small and light nature. And you?


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Last updated on Jul 11, 2020

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