How to configure comments on your Instagram posts

How to configure comments on your Instagram posts

We show you how to configure the comments of your Instagram posts, so that only whoever you want can comment.

configure comments

This is how you can configure Instagram comments

Today we are going to teach you configure the comments of your Instagram posts. A great way to avoid those kinds of offensive comments or from people you do not love.

When we post on a social network, we are exposed to comments of all kinds. We really do something public that everyone can see and therefore have a say. In this case, Instagram gives us several tools to avoid that, such as making your account private or setting comments.

And we are going to focus on the latter and we are going to configure the comments, so that only whoever we want can comment.

How to configure the comments of your posts on Instagram

What we must do is go to the app settings, clicking from our profile on the button with the three horizontal bars. With this, we managed to open the configuration menu, among other things.

Of all the tabs that we see, we must click on the tab <>. Once here, we will see another tab, which is the one that really interests us, which is the <>.

configure comments 1configure comments one

Click on comments

And it will be then from this section, from where we will be able to make these adjustments. We can do the following:

  • Allow comments from people you follow and your followers.
  • Allow comments only from people you follow.
  • Allow comments only from your followers.
  • Block comments from users you choose.
  • Apply filters

Of all these options, we select the one that interests us and therefore, we configure the comments to our liking. In this way, we will ensure that our publications do not have offensive comments, among other things. We will also prevent that person you do not want to comment on, make a comment on your photo.


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