How to close apps on Apple Watch. Close them from multitasking

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Today we are going to teach you close apps on Apple Watch. A way to close them completely so that they do not waste resources and to reset them in case they work abnormally or give some kind of error.

Close apps on Apple Watch

Close apps on Apple Watch

At iPhone we know how to close apps, but the holders of a Apple Watch… do you know how to close them on the clock? Surely many of you do not know it and that is why we will explain it to you in one of our tutorials for Apple Watch.

It is always good to know since the moment may come when we do not want to have a specific application active or, as we have said at the beginning of the post, we want to restart some in the event that they malfunction or fail.

How to close apps on Apple Watch:

In the following video 12 basic functions for the clock Manzana, we tell you. Pressing the Play It should appear just as we teach you how to do it. If it doesn’t appear, look it up in the minute 6:58:

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It is as simple as doing the following steps:

  • Activate the screen by tapping it and press the button under the crown of the watch.
  • Move your finger from right to left on the application you want to close.
  • Finally click on the close button that appears characterized as shown in the following image.
Option to close apps on Apple WatchOption to close apps on Apple Watch

Option to close apps on Apple Watch

The only app that can give us a problem is the first one that appears in the app carousel. To close it we must click on “keep”, which appears at the bottom of the screen and after that, swipe as we mentioned before so that the option to close the application appears.

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We hope you were interested in the article and nothing, see you soon with more news, apps, tutorials … to get the most out of your Apple devices.



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