How to Clear Safari Reading List from iPhone or iPad

How to Clear Safari Reading List from iPhone or iPad

We show you the way to delete the Safari reading list on iOS, in order to eliminate what we have already seen and leave a gap.

This is how you can delete the Safari reading list

Today we are going to teach you clear Safari reading list. Ideal to clean our list and make room for new websites or articles that we are seeing.

In Safari we have a really good option, which is ‘save to read later’. A really good function, which helps us to save those websites that we are seeing on the Internet that have an article that interests us, but that at that moment we cannot pay attention to it. With this function, we save it and we can see it whenever we want.

In this case, we are going to show you how to empty this list, so that we do not accumulate a large number of articles that we have seen or that are yet to be seen.

How to clear Safari reading list

It is very simple, in a few steps we will have our healthy list and with those articles that we are really interested in having. To do this, we go to this list.

Click on the icon of the ‘book’ that appears at the bottom and then in the glasses icon that we see at the top.

All the articles that we have saved will appear. Now it will be as simple as clicking on the tab <>.

delete Safari 1 reading listdelete Safari reading list 1

Click on the Edit tab

Now it is as easy as selecting the items that we do not want and clicking on the tab <>. In this way we will be deleting them from this list, to make room for others or simply to free up space.

delete Safari 2 reading listdelete the list Safari 2 reading

Click on the Delete tab

So if you usually save articles to read later, you already know how to erase them from this list without any problems.


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