How to choose an appropriate mobile rate to enjoy your favorite apps

How to choose an appropriate mobile rate to enjoy your favorite apps

We are going to tell you what considerations you have to take into account when choosing a good mobile rate for your device.

Choose the most suitable mobile rate

Choose the most suitable mobile rate

With the 5G mobile network practically around the corner, numerous telephone companies have launched to offer cheap mobile rates and improvements in connection speed. In fact, in recent months we have seen how the vast majority of telephone companies have practically doubled their internet connection speed, especially over the fixed internet.

As for mobile rates, these have been accompanied by either more data to download applications or more minutes to make calls. Another point to note is that the telephone companies have been focusing on offering combined telephone and fixed and / or mobile internet packages, some even include digital TV access and streaming services in these packages. This has caused new customers to be practically lost in “a tangle” of offers and suppliers. That is why below we will give you some advice when hiring a new service with one of the many existing telephone companies.

Recommendations when hiring a new voice and data service:

The vast majority of telecommunications companies (if not all) include telephony service + navigation data in their promotional mobile rates. In general, these promotional rates offer the user a large number of free minutes for calls and several gigabytes of navigation, so you can get the most downloaded applications!

However, it is recommended that before acquiring any service, you take into account several considerations in mind:

  • Check the voice / data coverage map that the company offers to make sure that you will have the service. Keep in mind to validate the areas where you will be most with the mobile.
  • If you are a user who uses data intensively on your mobile and need a good fixed internet connection, it is best to opt for the well-known “convergent packages”. These packages generally offer fiber optic connection, many gigabytes of mobile navigation and a telephone line.
  • For people who use the phone as a work tool, many phone companies offer attractive high-end mobile discounts when purchasing a service.
  • Carefully read the “fine print” of the service contract. Above all, regarding the conditions of use, rates and permanence.
  • Frequently many promotional rates are limited in time. So it is best to first validate and if limited, make a calculation of the expenses that will be generated later.
  • In the case of acquiring a promotion in which the telephone is included, the permanence of the same must be verified and the account of the terms to be paid must be taken out.
  • Another important point to take into account is to check whether when it reaches the data consumption limit it is deactivated until the next renewal or if, on the contrary, it is still active. If it is still active, the additional cost for consumption must be validated and if it decreases in speed.
  • Although it is obvious, it is worth remembering to opt for plans that offer number portability
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