How to Check if Your PC Supports Secure Boot

Secure Boot is one of the system requirements for Windows 11 installation. So, to see if your computer provides support for Secure Boot, the simplest and easiest way is here.

What is Secure Boot by the way?

The Secure Boot is a BIOS setting on modern laptops and computers. With Secure Boot option you increase the security of your computer and ensure that you are safe from malware, in other words, Secure Boot ensures that your computer only starts up from software trusted by OEM, in this case its Microsoft Windows. You can enable or disable Secure Boot from the BIOS settings on your computer. Here you can read more about it.

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See if your computer supports Secure Boot

To determine if your computer supports Secure Boot, you can use a built-in Windows program. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Press Windows + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run window.
  2. Type msinfo32 in the Run window and press OK.
    Windows System Information32
  3. This will open a system information window, making sure the system summary is selected. Find the Item with the name on your left side of the window Safe loading state and check its value. As you can see on my computer, Secure Boot State is not supported, which goes without saying.
    safe boot is not supported

You can see one of the following values ​​for the safe startup statistics on your computer.

Safe boot: On
Your computer does support this feature and it is enabled in the BIOS.

Safe boot: off
Your computer’s hardware supports Secure Boot, but it has been disabled by the BIOS settings.

Safe boot: not supported
This means that your laptop does not support Secure Boot.

How to disable safe startup

If your computer does support Secure Boot and you might want to disable it, continue reading.

This is the only place where you can disable the Secure Boot option in the system BIOS. To enter the BIOS, you will need to restart your computer and then press the specific keyboard button when you are on the computer’s startup screen. This keyboard is almost different for all computer manufacturers. Usually you can see this instruction on the startup screen to enter the BIOS. You can consult the manufacturer’s website to find the key or try one of the following most common keyboard tests to enter into the system BIOS: F1, F2, F11, F10, DEL

After entering the BIOS settings, look for the Boot of Security section and in the section find the Secure Boot option and make sure it is Disabled or Off. After changing Secure Boot settings, just press the F10 key to save the settings and exit the BIOS. After you restart and go to Windows, make sure Safe Boot Status is off in the system information as we checked above.

COMMENT: After disabling Secure Boot, you can install software / hardware that could only be installed if Secure Boot was enabled. In the future, you will need to reset your computer to factory settings to re-enable the Secure Boot.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer them.


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