How to charge the iPhone faster thanks to this shortcut

How to charge the iPhone faster thanks to this shortcut

We show you the way to charge iPhone faster With a trick that is sure to come in handy for you, like everything we teach you.

Trick to charge the iPhone faster

A while ago we told you about the more efficient ways to charge your iPhone. Today we are going to teach you charge iPhone faster. A very good trick that will come in really handy, for those times when we need to charge the iPhone as fast as possible.

Surely more than once it has happened to us that we have to leave home and we realize at the last minute the battery of our iPhone. This happens very often and on those occasions, we charge it, but not as much as we would like. There are tricks how to load the iPhone with the charger iPad, since this is more powerful and thus it will load much faster.

But we are going to show you another new way. For us the best of the moment. We are going to do everything from our device and thanks to ShortCuts.

How to charge iPhone faster:

What we must do is download the app from Siri shortcuts, a app which is totally free in the App Store and that it will solve many problems for us. It also adds very interesting shortcuts, which are sure to come in handy.


Now that we have it, we can start creating our own shortcuts or download the ones that are already made. On our website we have several articles in which we talk about interesting Shortcuts and Automations for your devices.

In this case we are going to leave you two shortcuts that will be the ones that we are going to use. At the end of the article you will have the download links. Therefore, with the downloaded shortcuts, we access the app from “Siri Shortcuts”. Here we will see the shortcuts that we have downloaded.

If what we are going to do is load our iPhone, we must click on the shortcut “Charging”. This will make our device have the minimum, that is: airplane mode, battery saving, minimum brightness, Wifi disabled…

load iPhone faster 1

Click on the button to load

With this we will be able to load the iPhone faster. Once the iPhone has been loaded, it is as simple as clicking on the button “Not charging”. In this way we activate everything that we have deactivated with the previous shortcut.

load faster iPhone 2

Press button when loaded

It’s that simple to charge your device faster and without depending on a charger from the iPad or without those cumbersome portable chargers. Here are the shortcuts that you must download on your devices:


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