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How to change the view in an iPhone photo album

We show you the way to change the view in a photo album, to see the photos bigger, smaller, more grouped …

So you can change the view in an iPhone photo album

Today we are going to teach you change the view in iPhone photo album. A great way to see all your photos at once, or to go through practically one by one.

The Photos app ios, has evolved over time. But it is true that certain things are still missing to finish being perfect at all, such as being able to delete a photo without it disappearing from iCloud. Without a doubt, this is something that Apple should make itself look at and that with the passage of time they will improve.

But in this case, we are going to talk about enlarging or reducing a photo album. That is, we can see all the photos in miniature or go through them one by one, as we like best.

How to change the view in a photo album

The process is very simple and we will be able to do it in two different ways. Each user will be able to choose the way that best suits them at that time.

To start, we go to an album in the Photos app and open it. Once inside, if you look at the top right, we will see that there is an icon with three dots, which we must press to bring up the menu. When the menu is displayed, we will see the tabs that really interest us, which are two:

seen in a photo album 1view in a photo album 1

Click on the icon with the three dots and then on ‘Enlarge’ or ‘Reduce’

We select the one we want, based on the view we want at that moment. To give us an idea, if we click on <>, we can see the photos in the album one by one and move between them by sliding up or down. On the other hand, if we click on <> we can get to see all the photos in miniature.

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Besides this way of doing it, we have another that is much faster, which would be pinching on the screen. That is, as if we wanted to zoom in or out. We do this movement within the album and we will see how it changes its view.

But as we have commented at the beginning of this article, this already depends on the needs of each one or on how they like best to have their photo albums. We provide you with the tools, so that each user uses them as best suits him at that time.

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