How to change the speed of WhatsApp audios

How to change the speed of WhatsApp audios

We show you the way to change the speed of WhatsApp audios in order to listen to them much faster than until now.

So you can change the speed of WhatsApp audios

Today we are going to teach you change the speed of WhatsApp audios. A great way to listen to long audio, for example, in a much faster way.

When we receive a long audio on WhatsApp, it may take us a while to hear it, and therefore, we cannot always do it. And it is that many times we receive one or another, that more than an audio it looks like a podcast. That is why the WhatsApp developers give us the possibility to increase the speed.

In this case, we are going to show you how to increase this speed when we receive one, no matter how long it lasts.

How to change the speed of WhatsApp audios

The process is very simple and in an instant, you will learn how to do it. To do this, we go to the chat in which we have the audio that we have received, which we want to hear faster.

Once we have it, we begin to reproduce and we will see that instead of where the profile photo of the other person appears, a tab appears to be able to change the speed.

How to change speed 1

Click on the tab that appears instead of the profile photo

We are clicking on that tab and it will automatically change speed. We have 3 speeds that we can choose:

Now it is only up to us to choose one speed or another. What is clear is that the way we listen to audio has changed. In this simple way, when we receive a long-playing one, we will be able to listen to it faster and it is possible, that we do not have to leave it for later.

So if you still don’t have this function, remember that you must update to the latest version to always have the best news about the applications.


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