How to change the name, profile and team image in Microsoft Teams

How to change the name, profile and team image in Microsoft Teams

Whenever you are part of a team as well as a channel, your name is visible when you use messaging applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and others. So by using a profile photo with your name on it, you will look professional and easily recognizable. By default, Microsoft Teams uses the initials of your name on a solid color background as the profile picture. Although you cannot change the icon color, you can add a new photo. In this article, you will learn not only how to edit your profile picture, but also how to edit your name, your team name and your picture in Microsoft Teams.

If you are part of multiple organizations in Microsoft Teams, you will need to add a new photo and name for each organization separately. This can be useful if a person is comfortable at different levels in different organizations. You can keep a decent professional image in one and a laughing monkey in another.

In addition, if your video is disabled in Microsoft Teams, others will see your profile photo. So why not keep something good?

Here’s your guide to changing your name, profile photo, team name, and team photo in Microsoft Teams.

How to Change Your Name and Profile Image in Microsoft Teams

The process is slightly different for mobile apps. But first, let’s check out the steps to change your photo and name in Teams on the desktop.

Edit name and profile photo on desktop and web

Step 1: Launch the Teams app or the web service and log in with your account. Now click on the profile photo icon at the top. Then choose Edit Profile from the menu.

Change profile picture and team picture in Microsoft teams 1

2nd step: A pop-up window will open. Click Upload Photo to add your photo.

At any time, if you want to delete your photo, click Delete Image. Add your name in the “Enter name” box.

Change Profile Image and Team Image in Microsoft 2 Teams

Represent yourself

It is essential to stand out by name and photo in the Teams app, especially if you are on multiple teams and channels. It should be easy for others to quickly identify your name / photo to start a conversation or video call. However, Microsoft Teams is prone to problems like any other application. You may experience microphone or notification issues. For some users, the Teams app does not load at all. Fortunately, all of these features can be repaired with simple solutions. We can’t wait to try out the new features that Microsoft could roll out in the next major update for Teams.


Does background noise from other participants bother you in Microsoft teams? Find out how to mute everyone and prevent participants from muting other members using the following link.

Last updated on May 18, 2020

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