How to change the language of Telegram in less than 5 seconds

How to free up space on Telegram and iPhone by activating this function

Change Telegram language it is already a reality and very simple. Follow the steps that we give you below.

Change the language of Telegram

Today we are going to teach you to change the language of Telegram. In a few steps you will know how to do it and you will be able to configure the application with the language you want.

We always tell you that it is app instant messaging is the only one that can overshadow WhatsApp. And it is that update after update confirms that yes, that we can do everything we want with it, even more than what we do with WhatsApp. Without a doubt it is the best messaging app there is right now in the App Store.

On this occasion, if what we were looking for was to have Telegram in another language, and not the language in which we had downloaded it, it is done as follows …

How to change the language of Telegram:

We have already told you that it is very simple and in a few steps we will have the language completely changed.

To do this we go to the application settings and click on “Language”, located in the middle of this settings menu.

Language Option

Language option

Here we find all the languages ​​that we have available so far and which we can select without any problem. At the moment we only have these, although in a very short time more languages ​​will be added and we will be able to select many more.

Select languageSelect language

Select language in Telegram

Once the language is selected, we will have all the menus completely changed and in the language we have selected. In this way, we can already have this app in the language that we like or need the most.

Without further ado and hoping that this tutorial has served you, we urge you shortly to visit us and be able to enjoy the news, tutorials, apps, tricks … more interesting for your Apple devices.



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