How to change the funds in each WhatsApp chat

How to change the funds in each WhatsApp chat

We show you how to change the funds in each WhatsApp chat on the iPhone and thus have one for each contact, for example.

So you can change the funds in each WhatsApp chat

Today we are going to teach you change the funds in each WhatsApp chat. A great way to customize each chat of each contact, or groups.

WhatsApp is one of those applications that is rarely updated and that, let’s face it, brings us less news. But it is true, that from time to time they listen to their users and we see that they incorporate those news that we ask so much. In this case, we have the possibility to put a wallpaper for each chat.

We are going to explain to you step by step how to carry out this process and thus personalize your messaging app a little more.

How to change the funds in each WhatsApp chat

To start, we must go to the messaging app we are talking about. Once here, since what we want is to change the background in a specific chat, we must go to the app settings and select the background. What we must do is go to the chat specifically.

When we are in the chat, we must go to the information of the same. Just like we do to see all the photos we have shared in that conversation. Well, it will be here where we see the tab we are talking about, which is the <>.

funds in each chatfunds in each chat

From the chat information

We enter this section and we will see that the option to change the background appears. We just have to enter, choose the one we like the most and that’s it. We can choose both the backgrounds that come by default, as well as any image that we have saved in our reel.

funds in each WhatsApp chat 1backgrounds in each WhatsApp chat 1

Select the background we want

Once this is done, we will have the chat ready and personalized to our liking. A really simple process and a function that has been slow to reach our iPhone, but we can now start using it in all the chats we want.

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