How to change the font of iPhone and iPad applications

How to change the font of iPhone and iPad applications

We are going to tell you how change the font of applications that appear on our home screen of our Apple devices. One more step in customizing our iPhone and iPad.

Change the font of apps on iOS

Since it arrived iOS 14 our iPhone they are much more customizable. We can add widgets, choose the apps that we want to show and which to hide, change the icon of the applications and, also, we can change the font of the name of each one of them.

The app Shortcuts it is a mine of resources to create actions, automations … but also to personalize our device. Today we are going to give you a tip that will differentiate your iPhone and iPad from all the others.

Change the font of the iPhone and iPad apps:

In the following video we show you how to customize the applications of our device. Right in the minute 2:27 We talk about how to change the font:

Next we are going to explain, step by step, how to do it:

  • We open the app Shortcuts and create a new one by clicking on the “+” that appears at the top right of the screen.
  • Now click on «Add action».
  • In the search engine at the top of the screen, we search «Open app» and we select it.
  • A screen will appear where we must click on “To select”.
  • We look for the app we want to change the name of and select it.
  • Now we will click on the button with the 3 dots that appears in the upper right part of the screen.
  • We put the name of the shortcut, for example the name of the app and, after that, click on “To accept”.
  • Now click on «Add to home screen».
  • In this menu that appears, we can change the app icon and, also, the typography of the name. Before doing anything we will do the following: We will go to the Safari app and access the web (There are many websites of this type, but in this case we will use this one), inside the red box we will write the name that we want to appear under the app and once written we will go down the web and select and copy the text that we have written, with the font we want.
  • Now we return to the app Shortcuts and in the section “Icon and name of the home screen”, click on the text «New shortcut», we delete it and paste the text that we have copied on the web that we have mentioned before.
  • Now click on “Add” and you can already enjoy it on your home screen.
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How easy is it? Look how it looks:

Screen with custom apps

Screen with custom apps

We hope you found this tutorial interesting and that you share it with all those friends, contacts, colleagues … who have iPhone and iPad. They will surely thank you.


As of iOS 14.3 when we click on any of these custom apps from Shortcuts, this app will not open every time we click on these applications. They will directly access them.


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