How to change the color of subtitles on YouTube on phone and PC

How to change the color of subtitles on YouTube on phone and PC

All phones, computers, tablets, streamers and others display subtitles in a similar format. You will see white text on a black background with varying opacity. However, not everyone is a fan of such a format, especially old people. What if someone wants to change the color of the subtitles on certain apps like YouTube? How do we do that? Find the answer in this article.

Subtitles have many advantages. They are useful when you are not familiar with the language of the video. They are also beneficial if you have trouble understanding the accent. Finally, if someone has hearing difficulties, the legends will come to the rescue. All of these benefits would make no sense if a person couldn’t read the subtitles correctly.

In this article, we will explain how customize color and other aspects of legends for YouTube on Android, iOS and PC. We have also mentioned some fixes if you are having problems with your subtitles, such as gray subtitles or low contrast captions. Let’s start.

How to change the color of the YouTube caption on PC

Here are the steps to change the subtitle on the YouTube website on the computer.

Step 1: Launch the YouTube website and open any video.

2nd step: Click the settings icon on the video. Then click on Subtitles / CC.

Stage 3: Click on Options.

Step 4: Here you can customize anything related to your subtitles such as color, font, background color, etc. Click Font Color to change the color of your subtitles.

How to change YouTube color captions on YouTube for Android

Step 1: Launch the YouTube app on your Android phone and tap the profile photo icon at the top.

2nd step: Tap on Settings.

Stage 3: Press Captions.

Step 4: Tap the caption style. You will see different styles of pre-generated subtitles. If you like one of them, tap on it to apply.

Otherwise, click Custom. A new set of customization options will be revealed. Modify them according to your preferences.

If you notice this carefully in the screenshots above, the settings are not from YouTube. They are from your Android phone. So yes, YouTube captions or captions are related to your phone’s settings. And when you change them, they will change for all apps on your phone.

You can directly access the subtitle or subtitle settings by going to Settings on your phone. Then go to Accessibility. Tap Caption or Captions. If the option is not directly available, press Audition and then Subtitle.

How to change YouTube color captions on YouTube for iOS

On iOS, the subtitle customization settings are linked to your phone. You must change it directly in your phone settings. For that, proceed as following:

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and go to General.

2nd step: Press Accessibility.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap Subtitles and subtitles in the Media section.

Step 4: Tap Style. Choose your subtitle type from the given options or press Create new style to customize to your preferences.

YouTube subtitles appear in gray

If you notice gray subtitles on YouTube that are difficult to read, there are two ways to fix it.

Method 1: Change the Opacity or Background of the Font

In this method, repeat the above mentioned steps to change the color of your subtitles. On the subtitle editing screen, tap Font opacity. Increase it to 100%. Likewise, change the background color if the problem persists. It works both on PC and on mobile devices.

Method 2: Reset Personalization of Subtitles

In this method, you need to reset all the customizations you made to your subtitles. You don’t have to do it manually.

Here’s how to do it on different devices.

Reset subtitles on computer

To do this, repeat the steps as described above to open the subtitle personalization screen on the computer. In other words, click the Settings icon on the video, go to Subtitles> Options. In the options, scroll down and click Reset.

Reset subtitles on Android and iOS

On Android and iOS, repeat the steps to open the customization of the subtitles, as shown above. Next, you need to select the default subtitle style. On Android, select Use default application and on iOS, choose Transparent background.

Bonus tip: add a caption to your videos

If you are a new content creator on YouTube, you need to think about how subtitles appear on YouTube. Well, you have to add them yourself. If the creator has not added them, YouTube will automatically generate captions where possible. Find out how add captions to your YouTube videos even after downloading them.

Change is here

We hope you were able to change the color of the caption on YouTube. Changing the color of the subtitles from the default black to white to a dark color helps people with vision problems. You can also experiment with dark mode on Google apps and see if it suits you.


Want to watch YouTube while you’re working on your device? Find out how to do it on Android, iOS and PC from the following link.

Last updated March 25, 2020


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