How to Change Playlist Cover on Spotify on Mobile, Desktop, and Web

How to Change Playlist Cover on Spotify on Mobile, Desktop, and Web

Spotify cover image facts

Spotify has not released any information on the size or dimensions of the cover image. Here are some details based on the Spotify community and their experiences. Take it with a grain of salt.

The image is square in a 1: 1 (square) ratio, which is pretty obvious when looking at the cover image. The minimum dimensions should be 300 x 300 pixels; otherwise, it won’t look good. The image size should not exceed 4MB, according to some users. And finally, the image must be in JPEG format.

Find the difference

Many people also use Spotify on their desktops and laptops. They like to listen to music while studying or working. Changing the Spotify cover image for them will be less boring than those who rely more on mobile apps. Still, there is a way to edit those auto-generated cover images, and that’s a plus. Otherwise we would be stuck and I don’t always like tossing songs from my playlist to change the cover art. It is too many problems. But I know people who have spent hours doing everything. This guide should help them.

Do you know of a better way to edit Spotify cover image? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Last updated Jul 24, 2020

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