How to change name and image in Google Meet on mobile and PC

Typically, video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc. display your name if you choose to turn off video. Mostly, this is the name that you used to create the account of the respective video call service. So keeping a recognizable or real name is a must, especially when attending an online course or a formal meeting. Many people don’t know how to change or use their real name while making a Google Meet call on Android, iOS, iPadOS, and PC. We’ll share how you can change your name and display an image in Google in this article.

Change name and profile picture google meet fi

Sometimes there is a misspelling in the name, and that’s a possible reason why you want to change it. You must have checked the settings of Google Meet and left a little confused. You must therefore ask yourself whether we can even change the name (or the profile picture) on Google Meet or not.

Let’s find the answer to all these questions.

Can we change our name on Google Meet

Yes you can. However, the process is slightly twisted. Your Google Meet account is linked to your Google account. You must therefore directly change the name (and profile photo) on your Google account. This will change your name and picture in all other Google services like Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail, etc.

If that’s okay with you, here are the steps to change name and picture on Google Meet on PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

How to change name and picture on Google Meet on PC

As mentioned above, you need to change the name directly in the Google Account settings. There are many ways to access the Google Account settings page from your laptop.

Method 1: from Google Meet

Open the Google Meet website in your browser. Sign in with your Google account. Click on the profile picture icon in the upper right corner. Select Manage your Google Account under your account.

Change name and profile picture google meet 1

Change name and profile picture google meet 1

Click Personal Information in the left sidebar, then click Name under your profile. If you want to change the image for Google Meet, click the icon next to Photo and add an image.

Change name and profile picture google meet 2

Change name and profile picture google meet 2

Enter your first and last name in the boxes and click Save. Open Google Meet and you will see the new name.

Change name and profile picture google meet 3

Change name and profile picture google meet 3

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Think before you jump

We hope you’ve successfully changed the name of your Google Meet account. As mentioned earlier, name and photo changes will be reflected across all of your Google services. So think about it before you change the name or image.


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Last updated Sep 1, 2020

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