How to change and change the background in PicsArt for Android

When it comes to photography, things rarely happen the way we want. You are waiting to capture the perfect frame and just by clicking on the shutter, you will see someone enter the frame. And it’s only 0.001% of the things that can go wrong. Tree branches with glass reflections, you name it. So what are you doing Are you just giving up on your idea?

Well, it’s 2020, and there are many image editing apps like PicsArt that allow you to edit and change the background of an image. And apps like PicsArt make it very simple and easy so you don’t have to throw away your photos.

So if you’re on the market looking for ways to edit and change photo backgrounds, here’s how to do it using PicsArt.

How to change the background in PicsArt for Android

Unlike many Android image editing apps, removing the background from photos and images is not a difficult task in PicsArt. However, you will need to be very patient and keep an eye on creativity.

The good thing is that the application is smart enough to distinguish the person, the hair and the face, which makes work easier.

Step 1: Once you’ve selected the photo, tap the cutout icon. Here you will see several options like Person, Face, Hair, etc. In my case, I chose to go with the background.

Tap on it and you will see the subject automatically selected. I then tapped the Reverse icon to reverse the changes.

If you want to sharpen the edges, tap the small Pencil tool to touch up the edges. Use the Eraser tool to remove the part you don’t want from your selection.

When done, tap Save.

Phew, it’s 50% of the work done. Now come the next 50%.

Pro tip: Tap the Eye icon to see what your selection looks like on a solid background.

2nd step: Scroll right until the Fit option is displayed. At this point, you can reduce the size of the sticker by pinching (and vice versa). Once you’ve decided on the frame, tap Background.

PicsArt offers you several great backgrounds on the app itself. But if you want your art to stand out, click the Plus icon on the left. From cool fall backgrounds (see the best HD Nature wallpapers) to cheerful holiday-themed images, there’s a lot to explore.

If you’re not a big fan of backgrounds, you can also check out the Image option.

After that, drag the Blur slider to the right to give the image some naturalness. This will remove the sharp edges from your sticker / selection.

Step 3: You can also modify the Shadow element a bit. The mantra is simple – keep everything subtle.

At the same time, you can also change the edges of the sticker via the Eraser option. Just make sure that the size and opacity of the tool is not extreme.


After that, save it, and that’s it.

I decided to explore a few more options like filters to give it a spooky effect. However, there are other options such as stray light and shape masks that you can experiment with.

When it comes to completely changing the background, the real magic is how to blend the borders and manage the opacity of the edges. Without a doubt, the background should match the foreground. After all, you wouldn’t want to look like a poorly done copy and paste job, right?

How to make minor changes to the background in PicsArt

If you don’t want to change the background completely, PicsArt has quite a few options for changing it further.

One of my favorite tools is the Clone tool. I like it more than the Delete tool. And it works particularly well for intruders like wires, street lights, birds, etc.

What makes it very special is that you can control several aspects of this tool, such as opacity, hardness and brush size. In addition, you can also select the area you want to clone.

For example, I have a fairly simple photo below, and as you may have guessed, I want to delete the wires. Here’s how.

Step 1: Tap Tools to open it and select Clone from the list. Now you will be asked to select an area you want to duplicate. Press to select it.

After that, tap the Brush icon at the bottom to adjust the opacity, hardness and size of the brush.

2nd step: Now swipe gently over the area you want to delete.

Naturally, you will need to adjust the opacity and hardness to see which setting best fits your image.

And well, don’t forget to save your current changes.

And Evanesco!

This is how you can change and edit the background of the image in PicsArt. Add cool filters and other effects to the mix, and you’ll have a winner. Obviously, you will have to put a lot of effort and time into perfecting the result, initially.

Also, have you linked the Dispersion effect?


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Last updated on April 21, 2020


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