How to see the total calories burned from the iPhone

How to change activity goals on Apple Watch

We show you how to change the activity goals on the Apple Watch, with the new version of WatchOS 7, which lets us do more.

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This is how you can change activity goals on Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you change activity goals on Apple Watch. A good way to be able to modify not only the movement objective, but also the exercise and standing objective.

In the Watch, and more specifically in the activity app, we have always been able to modify our daily goal. But something that we have always sought and that we have not been able to do is to be able to change the other daily objectives that we have. So we only modified, as we have commented, those of movement.

But this has now changed, as we already told you in one of our articles. So now we have to explain step by step how to modify this data.

How to change activity goals on Apple Watch

The process is very simple and we will be able to manage everything from the same clock. What we must do is go to the activity app on the watch, the one already known as ‘Fitness’.

Once inside, our ring of the day will appear and the information on how we are wearing it. Well, we will have to go to the bottom of this screen, where we will see a tab with the name of <>.

activity goals 1activity objectives one

Scroll down to the bottom of this menu.

When clicking on this tab, the movement will appear first, followed by exercise and finally the ‘Standing’. Everything depends on the data that we want to put and how we want to modify it in our day to day.

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So if you were looking for a new way to motivate yourself to exercise, you can set yourself the barriers that you want and set the goals you consider.

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