How to capture any text from your Mac screen

How to capture any text from your Mac screen

Taking screenshots is a convenient way to record and jot down an important message while watching videos, advertisements, or even video calls. Don’t you want an easier way to capture text from your Mac screen so you don’t have to always sit down with pen and paper? Luckily, we’ve found an app that does this, and it’s easy to capture text from Mac screen using that.

Capture text from any screen on Mac

One of the current challenges is to accurately transcribe text from your Mac’s screen, which is the main concern. Whether it’s a promo or an ad, no one wants to risk losing anything in the translation. Of course, you can pull out your phone, open the Google Translate app, and then DIY. What if it’s not as precise as it seems? Therefore, I recommend using TextSniper to capture all the important text shared in a Zoom meeting or any other online lesson.

I’ve been using TextSniper for a month now and I’m really amazed at how fast and accurate it is. Let’s start with how to set it up and use it to capture any text on your Mac screen.

Let’s start.

How to capture any text from Mac screen with TextSniper

Step 1: Download and install TextSniper.

2nd step: After installing it, you need to allow access to TextSniper to capture your screen from System Preferences. So click on the TextSniper icon in the menu bar and choose Capture Text. This will bring up the option to ask you to allow access. Click Open System Preferences.

Text Sniper System Preferences Screen

Text Sniper System Preferences Screen

Step 3: Once the System Preferences window opens, go to the Security & Privacy tab> Privacy, then select Screen Recording from the left pane.

Allowing Text Sniper System Preferences

Allowing Text Sniper System Preferences

Step 4: Click on the lock at the bottom left and enter the administrator password. Then check the box in the right pane on the front of TextSniper.

Unlock enter administrator password

Unlock enter administrator password

Step 5: After confirming this action to exit and restart. TextSniper will restart and the icon will reappear in the menu bar.

Use TextSniper to capture text from your Mac screen

Let’s say you’re watching a video, an announcement, or part of a virtual meeting.

Whenever you see some text on the screen that you need to jot down for later, you need to click on a screenshot shortcut. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Press the keyboard shortcut Shift + Cmd + 2 on your Mac.

2nd step: Select the area from which you want to capture the text. Once you do this, the TextSniper will display a thumbs up icon and text – Copied to Clipboard.

Capture screenshot texts

Capture screenshot texts

Step 3: Open any document or any application you want to paste the selected text into.

While TextSniper works great for everything – PDFs, images, videos, and online meetings. However, if your usage is limited to images and PDF files only, you can also try OwlOCR. It is an interesting alternative to TextSniper.

How to Capture Any Text from PDF or Image from Your Mac

While TextSniper is a fantastic option for versatile use, OwlOCR works great for its optical character recognition feature while using only for the imager and PDFs which don’t allow you to copy text easily. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Download the OwlOCR app from the Mac App Store.

2nd step: Launch the OwlOCR app and tap the switch for language correction.

Owl OCR Language Flick

Owl OCR Language Flick

Step 3: Drag and drop the PDF or image file you need to be read by OwlOCR.

Drag and drop Owl OCR image

Drag and drop Owl OCR image

Step 4: Click the Page OCR button and let the application do its magic.

OCR Owl OCR Button

OCR Owl OCR Button

After that, the application will analyze all the text in the image and display it in the window pane next to the image.

If you have a PDF with multiple pages, you can click the OCR All button and it will extract and paste them into the window on the side.

If you want to extract text from multiple PDFs and take multiple screenshots together, you can consider purchasing the Pro version which will cost you $ 13.99.

Get smart

Entering text from images, PDFs, or videos shouldn’t be a challenge after using these two apps. Selecting text from a fast-paced video or movie can be a bit tricky, but you can always pause the video to take a screenshot. The only limitation you might find is that both apps are limited to English language only.

Both apps have helped me a lot by taking notes from the videos that were part of my online lessons. I use the two alternately and am always happy with them.


Want to capture a screenshot of the full page on your Mac? Click on the following link to check out four amazing tools for capturing scrolling screenshots.

Last updated on Oct 31, 2020

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