How to cancel Apple TV Plus (on any device)

How to cancel Apple TV Plus (on any device)

Many of the initial trials of Apple TV Plus are now coming to an end. This means that if you’re not prepared to pay $ 4.99 per month for Apple’s media streaming service, your only option is to cancel it. Unless you do it on time, your subscription will renew automatically. With that said, here’s how to cancel Apple TV Plus.

Before continuing, please be aware that if you decide to cancel Apple TV Plus, your access to this streaming service will end immediately (and not after the last day of your trial). If you plan to finish watching that series you got drunk on, be sure to cancel Apple TV Plus one day before your subscription renews.

How to cancel Apple TV Plus on an iPhone

The fastest way to cancel your Apple TV Plus subscription is through your iPhone. Make sure you’re signed in to your phone using your Apple ID (the one associated with the Apple TV + trial you plan to cancel).

1. Launch the “TV” app and make sure you are on the “Watch Now” tab (located in the lower left corner).

2. Select the account icon at the top right corner of your iPhone screen and a new window will slide out from the bottom. Choose “Manage subscriptions”.

3. You will now see all of your Apple subscriptions. Go ahead and select “Apple TV +”. Keep in mind that if you are subscribed to a plan such as Apple One, you will need to cancel that entire subscription instead.

Cancel Apple TV Plus Final Steps

4. Finally, scroll down a bit and tap the red button labeled “Cancel Free Trial”. If you are using Apple One or Apple TV Plus standalone, the message “Cancel Apple One” or “Cancel Apple TV +” will be displayed. Confirm your decision – and that’s it!

How to Cancel Apple TV Plus on Any Browser

Other than from an iPhone, you can also cancel Apple TV Plus through any browser:

1. Using any web browser, navigate to Wait for this page to open completely, then select the button labeled “Login” (visible in the upper right corner).

Cancel Apple TV Plus online interface

2. Sign in using your Apple ID credentials.

3. Once you have accessed your Apple TV Plus home page, select your account icon in the upper right corner, then choose “Settings”.

Cancel Apple Tv Plus Online Home Page

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen and you will see a section called “Subscriptions”. Depending on the subscription you’re using (whether you have a trial, a standalone Apple TV + subscription, or even an Apple One subscription), choose “Manage.”

Cancel Apple TV Plus Online Settings Panel

5. Select “Cancel subscription”. Confirm your decision – and that’s it. After a few moments, cancel your Apple TV + subscription, effective immediately.


Now that you’ve learned how to cancel Apple TV Plus, we’d like to recommend some great resources for you.

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