How to call with PRIVATE NUMBER on iPhone, selectively

How to call with PRIVATE NUMBER on iPhone, selectively

We show you a trick that will come in handy for those of you who want to hide your number from certain contacts. We teach you to call with private number to the people of your agenda that you choose.

How to call with private number

We are in a time when the issue of privacy is on the rise. More and more controls and functions are available to control what to show, what not, when to do it…. The truth is that being able to manage all those permissions is quite an achievement. In fact in many of our tutorials We explain how to do it.

Surely you have ever wanted to make a call with a private number. It is something that we already explained to you and that you can learn to do by clicking on the following tutorial. A post in which we teach you to call with hidden number from iPhone.

But the thing is not there. Today we are going to give you a tip that surely many of you do not know that it will surely come with pearls.

How to call the contacts of your choice with a private number:

Possibly you have a contact in your agenda that you are interested in always calling with a hidden number. Well, one contact or several.

Companies, bosses, colleagues, people who don’t want to pick up the phone … any of these reasons may be the ones that motivate you to call them with a private number.

Well, for that you must save your number in your contact book but putting the code # 31 # in front. It should look like this … # 31 # 123 456 7 89.

In this way, every time you call that person, company … it will appear as hidden and neither your number nor your name, if they have you on their agenda, will appear on their screen.

We clarify that the subject of the code varies by country. In Spain to call privately is putting # 31 #. In other countries it will vary and to find out you should check with your mobile operator.

The following video explains it graphically:

Without further ado and hoping that this tutorial has helped you, see you shortly with our tricks, apps, news … for your devices Manzana.



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