How to calculate tip on Apple Watch calculator

How to calculate tip on Apple Watch calculator

We show you the way to Calculate tip on Apple Watch calculator, ideal when we go to any restaurant for lunch or dinner.

This is how you can calculate the tip on the Apple Watch calculator

Today we are going to teach you calculate tip on the calculator Apple watch. Something that can come in handy when we go out for lunch or dinner, to make a quick calculation.

Surely if you have ever been to a restaurant, you have seen that on the ticket when paying, they require a percentage of tip. This is more common in certain countries and is beginning to be done in others. So it is best to be aware of how we can perform this calculation to give the exact tip.

Therefore, if you want to know how to do it with your watch and in a really fast and easy way, do not miss anything that we are going to tell you next.

How to calculate tip on Apple Watch calculator:

What we must do is go to our smart watch Manzana. Once here we open the Settings of it and we look for the calculator option. When we find it, we press it and we will see these configuration options.

Setting up the Apple Watch calculator

Setting up the Apple Watch calculator

Here we must select the button that we want to appear on the calculator keyboard. When we want to calculate the tip, we will choose the option “Tip function”.

After this we go to the calculator app of the clock and we will see the “Tip button” at the top of the keyboard.

Button to calculate tip.Button to calculate tip.

Button to calculate tip.

Now we just have to put the total of the account that we have to pay and then click on the icon of the currency that we use, in our case it is the . By doing so, a new menu appears …

tip in calculator 2tip on calculator 2

Select the percentage, total of the account and the number of people

Here we select the tip percentage and the number of people we are. It will automatically give us the exact money that we have to pay as a tip. Quick and very easy to calculate.

Tip calculation on Apple Watch with WatchOS 6 and below:

With the calculator app open, we must use the 3D Touch on the clock. To do this, press with a little pressure on the screen and we will see that a new menu appears.

tip in calculator 1tip in the calculator 1

Click on «Tip function»

In this menu, click on the «Tip function ». And the calculator will appear again, but with a new icon, which is the one for the currency we use.

Now we just have to carry out the process that we have explained above in the article.



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