How to buy using the iPhone camera to scan products

How to translate text QUICKLY with the iPhone camera

We show you the way to buy using the iPhone camera and thus scan any product we see to get hold of it.

buy using iPhone camera

So you can buy using the iPhone camera

Today we are going to teach you buy using the iPhone camera. Undoubtedly a great Google Lens function, which will allow us to get hold of any product we see.

Google Lens is that function that we have hidden within the Google app and that facilitates the work of many functions. Among all these functions is that of being able to buy a product just by scanning it. It is true that we also have other functions, such as the one we already mentioned to be able to translate text.

But in this case, we focus on buying products just by focusing the camera on our iPhone …

How to buy using the iPhone camera

What we should do is open the google app and go directly to the Google Lens section, which is that box that appears just on the right side of the search engine.

Once here, the camera opens and several options appear at the bottom. We must focus on the shopping cart.

buy using iPhone camera 1buy using iPhone camera 1

Select the shopping cart icon

When doing so, we scan a product and it appears to us to be able to buy it. In addition we will also see similar products in case they interest us.

In this simple way we can buy anything we see and scan it with the camera and with the app open, of course. But if it has not been clear to you, we have a video in which we explain step by step how to carry out this function that we are commenting on.

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Video in which we explain how to do everything discussed above


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