How to improve the QUALITY of photos taken with iPhone

How to BURST PHOTOS on iPhone with Face ID

We are going to explain how to make a burst photos on iPhone with Face ID. From the iPhone 11 from now on we have to make a simple gesture, but something hidden, to be able to shoot photos without stopping.

How to BURST PHOTOS on iPhone with Face ID

Blast photos on iPhone

Since the iPhone 11, all mobiles have a video recording function by holding down the photo capture button. This enables video recording to be made much faster than before. But this prevents us from taking bursts of photos how we can do in the iPhone previous. Today in one of our iOS tutorials We are going to explain how it is done.

It was a very comfortable way to do that type of capture. You press and hold the white capture button and start taking photos non-stop, until you release it. This is something that we can no longer do in the most modern models and, therefore, below we are going to show you two ways to do it.

How to Burst Photos on iPhone:

If you have a iPhone 11 or higher, you must press the capture button and, once pressed and without releasing, slide it quickly to the left of the screen before it turns red and begins to record video. That way you will start to hear the typical noise of multiple captures.

Burst photos on iPhoneHow to BURST PHOTOS on iPhone with Face ID

Burst photos on iPhone

At first it is difficult to get hold of it, but you will quickly get used to it just as we have done.

If it is difficult for you to get it and you do not see it at all comfortable, from iOS 14 The iPhone allows us to configure the volume up button to be able to take this type of photograph. In the following video, from minute 10:05, we show you how to configure it:

It is already your question to configure one way or another, the way to make this type of quick captures with your devices iOS.

So in this simple way you can take a burst of photos from your iPhone 11 and higher models.


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