How to Bring Google’s 3D Animals to Your Living Room

How to Bring Google's 3D Animals to Your Living Room

During its I / O 2019 keynote, Google revealed its intention to introduce augmented reality (AR) objects into search. The company has delivered on its promise, and there is now a whole library of objects, including animals, that can be viewed in 3D via search.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to welcome Google’s 3D animals to your home yourself, continue reading below.

How to find 3D animals with Google

Google’s AR Object Host is incredibly easy to find and access. Before we give you the details, keep in mind that you will need a tablet or phone running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher with Google Play Store preinstalled for this to work. If you are an Apple user, you will need a device running iOS 11 or higher. You will not be able to see Google 3D objects on your desktop or laptop, as this option primarily targets mobile users.

How to search for 3D objects on Google Animal

On your device, open the Google app (which is preinstalled on most Android portable devices) or use Chrome to go to the Google search page or higher with Googlege. Just type the name of an animal in the search bar. But before you do that, note that not all animals have a 3D equivalent yet. So you will have to search for the 3D animals that were included in Google’s AR catalog. You can consult the complete list here which features creatures of the following categories:

  • Housewives
  • Land animals
  • Aquatic animals
  • Birds
  • Dinosaurs
  • Insects

Note: the last two categories were added recently.

Once you search for a supported animal, such as a raccoon, Google will show you the 3D model at the top of your search results under the Wikipedia snippet. You can display the neatly organized information in a Google knowledge page with some 2D images at the top. Below, Google invites you to “Meet a life-size raccoon up close.” You will notice the “View in 3D” button on the map, so go ahead and tap on it.

How to use Google 3D Animals and other objects

To bring an animal to life, just use the “View in 3D” button you noticed in the search. This action will immediately bring you to the object view. You will be able to see the animal you selected from different angles as it moves and makes its specific sounds.

How to display the object view of 3D objects on GoogleHow to display the object view of 3D objects on Google

You can take control immediately by swiping your fingers and spinning the raccoon in all directions. You can also zoom in and zoom out, and there is a share option at the bottom right so that you can easily send it to your friends.

While in this tutorial we are mainly focusing on Google’s 3D animal catalog, it should be noted that the search giant’s AR library for research is quite extensive and has other items you can view, especially:

  • Cells
  • Human body systems
  • Chemistry terms
  • Biology terms
  • Physics terms
How Google 3D Objects Animal CellHow Google 3D Objects Animal Cell

If you are a student, viewing 3D objects from categories such as Cells in Object View can be extremely useful, as you will be able to view and remember internal structures much more easily.

However, most of the users are probably here to learn how to experience Google 3D in their home environment. Below we detail the steps.

How to bring a 3D animal into your home

In the object view, you will notice that there is a “Show in your space” button located just below the creature. Tap on it and wait a few seconds while Google renders and positions the animal in your space. The message “Move closer to improve the fusion of objects” may appear on the screen. If so, just follow the suggestion.

Mixing objects makes Google’s 3D animals look more realistic in your surroundings. The technique allows the item to adapt to the space in which you have placed it. For example, you can make it look like a panda is sitting in your chair nibbling bamboo.

How Google 3d Dinosaur Objects in the EnvironmentHow Google 3d Dinosaur Objects in the Environment

It is possible to resize the animal by pinching it if it is too big and you cannot put it in the room. However, if you are curious to see the actual size of the animal in real life, you can press the “View Full Size” button to view it.

Once you are happy with the position of the 3D animal, press the circular button below to start taking photos or press and hold to make a video of your creation.

Google’s list of animals and 3D objects is constantly updating, so you can expect more options to come in the near future.

If you want to continue exploring the possibilities of Enhanced Realities, you might also want to learn more about the best Android apps for VR.


Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici

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