How to bookmark translations in the iOS app

How to bookmark translations in the iOS app

We show you how to add translations to favorites in the iPhone or iPad app, in order to save the most important ones.

translations to favorites

So you can add your translations to favorites

Today we are going to teach you add translations to favorites in the native iOS app. A good way to save those that are most important.

With the arrival of Apple’s Translate app, we have been able to eliminate those third-party apps that we all had installed. And although it is true that it is a very simple app, it really does its job. In addition, we also have it integrated into the Safari browser.

In this case, we are going to see how we can see the translations that we are doing from the app and save them in favorites. In this way we can access them whenever we want.

Adding translations to favorites

The process is very simple, just we must go to the native app to translate and enter it. Once here, we make the translation we want.

In doing so, we will see that 2 icons appear at the bottom, one of them in the shape of a star. Well, this will be the one that really interests us and the one that we should press …

translations to favoritestranslations to favorites

Click on the star below the translation and then on the star below

By doing so, this translation will appear in the set apart from ‘Favorites’ that we see at the bottom. In this way, we will always have those most important translations close at hand.

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Obviously, we are not going to use this for each and every one of the translations we do. But if that comes in handy, as we have explained, for those that are really important or that we use practically every day.

Whatever function you give to this option, the truth is that Apple has created a truly simple app, but one that really suits us in our day to day. Perhaps in future versions of iOS, we will see improvements in this native app.


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