How to answer calls with text messages, from your iPhone

How to answer calls with text messages, from your iPhone

Today we are going to teach you answer calls with text messages, a great alternative to the famous voicemail and especially when having to answer calls just at that inopportune moment.

Answer calls with text messages

How many times have they called us and we have not been able to answer?. From now on we can create a default text message to answer those calls that we cannot attend for any reason. In this way, whoever wants to contact us will know the reason why we have not been able to assist them. One of ours tutorials for iPhone more useful and interesting.

As always, we bring you the solution to this little “problem” that can arise, especially on vacation, in meetings, on a visit to the doctor … or because we simply want to disconnect from everything.

How to answer calls with text messages:

The first thing we have to do is enter the device settings and go to the section “Phone”. Here we will find all the available settings regarding calls from the iPhone it means.

Within these settings, we will see a new tab with the name of «Reply with message”. SThis is where we should click.

Reply with messageReply with message

Reply with message

Inside here we will have 3 options to respond to our calls with messages. We can change the text at our convenience.

Set the answersSet the responses

Configure the responses

Now, when we get a call and we see it on the screen of our iPhone, we will simply have to press the option “Message”.

Click on the “Message” option

The texts that we have configured will appear in the menu of the «Reply with message ». Once we press the one we want to send, the call will be cut and a message will be sent to the person who is calling you.

Answer calls with messages

Answer calls with messages

Even, by clicking on the option “Personalize…”, we can create the message we want, in the moment. A good option but one that is not as fast as responding with previously configured messages.

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