How to adjust the maximum size of Telegram cache

We show you the way to adjust the maximum size of Telegram cache, so that we can free up space without realizing it.

How to adjust the maximum size of Telegram cache

So you can adjust the maximum cache size in Telegram

Today we are going to teach you adjust maximum Telegram cache size. A function that we should definitely control, because that way we will be able to free up space without realizing it.

Surely on more than one occasion you have been able to verify that some other app, over time, begins to take up more space than it should. This is due to the cache memory, which is storing data, so that the app remembers everything you do in it and does not have to reload everything.

Well, exactly the same thing happens with the Telegram app, with the messages, files … that we are receiving. In this way, the app always has them at your disposal for when you want to access them. But the price that we must pay for it is the space that we occupy in the device. Thus…

How to adjust the maximum size of Telegram cache

What we must do is go to the app settings and go to the section of <>. Within this section, we must click on the tab <>.

It will be here where we find everything related to storage in the app and cache. Therefore, we must look at the section that says <>.

maximum cache size 1maximum size of cache 1

Adjust as we want

Here we must adjust the bar according to the storage that we want to occupy all the data that is going to be stored in the app. In the event that we do not want to set a limit, we can leave the option checked <>.

But as the app tells us, if we set a limit and the cache exceeds it, the oldest multimedia files will be deleted until they return to the established limit again.

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So if you have a device with somewhat fair storage, without a doubt this is a function that you really want to have activated.

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