How to adjust the iPhone call volume. Two ways to do it

How to adjust the iPhone call volume.  Two ways to do it

We are going to explain the two ways that exist to adjust call and notification volume on iPhone. Something that you all must know to adapt the sound level of bells and warnings to your needs.

Adjust the volume of calls and alerts on iPhone

For a long time many people ask us about the function “Adjust with buttons”, available within the settings menu “Sounds and vibrations”. Finally we bring you the answer in one of our tutorials for iOS.

And it is that the operating system of our iPhone and iPad allows us to choose the volume level with which we want to receive calls, alerts, notices, alarms…. It allows us to select it automatically or, if we want, we can adjust it very easily from the main screen of our mobile or tablet.

Adjust call and notification volume on iPhone and iPad:

In the following video we explain it to you in a very visual way. If you are one of those who prefers to read instead of watching the video, we will explain it in writing below.

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We have two ways to configure the sound level of calls and alerts on our iPhone:

  • Automatic: It is the most comfortable way to adjust it. We access Settings / Sounds and vibrations and in «Bell and notices», we move the selector of the bar to increase or decrease the sound. Once configured, it is the general volume with which every call, notification, alarm … that sounds in our iPhone.
  • Custom: To adjust it to our liking depending on the time, place or moment in which we are, within Settings / Sounds and vibrations we must activate the option “Adjust with buttons”. This will allow us, from the main screen, to adjust it to the level we want by raising and lowering it from the side volume buttons.
Ring sound level on iOS

Ring sound level on iOS

If you wonder if this is an impediment to giving volume to videos, apps, etc … tell yourself that from within the applications, when you touch the volume buttons, the volume will be lowered and raised for the app and not to adjust the ringing sound and device prompts.

If you want, for some reason, to lower and raise the sound from the main screen of your iPhone with the “Adjust with buttons” option activated, you can do it from the control center.

Without further ado and hoping that our article has served you, we invite you to more news, tutorials, tricks, applications … for your devices. Manzana, in future post of

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