How to add widgets to the home screen in iOS 14

How to add widgets to the home screen in iOS 14

We show you how to add widgets to the home screen in iOS q4, both on the iPhone and on the iPad with iPad OS 14.

 add widgets

This is how you can add widgets to the iOS 14 home screen

Today we are going to teach you add widgets to the home screen in iOS 14. A good way to give a different touch to our home screen and make everything look different.

Surely by now, you have heard about the possibility of adding widgets to the home screen. A possibility that makes us more productive and that in one go, we can see all the information that really interests us. But the truth is that many users do not know how to add these new cards created by Apple.

So in APPerlas we are going to show you how to do it and make your home screen look much better and be much more productive.

How to add widgets to the home screen in iOS 14

The process is very simple, and the truth is that with a little fiddling with the system, you realize how easy everything is done. But if you are still a little clueless and clueless, we are going to show you the way.

The first thing we must do is go to the widgets section, which we find on the left side of our screen. That is, they are in the same place they were in iOS 13.

add widgets 1add widgets 1

Click on edit, to be able to move them

If we look at the bottom of this list where the widgets are, there is a button with the name of <>, which we must press to be able to add them to our home screen.

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In doing so we will see that they begin to shake, and we can move it just as we do with the applications. Now we just have to choose the place where we want to place it.

add widgets 2add widgets 2

Place the widgets where we want

And that is how simple and fast it is to put the widgets on our home screen. Later we will show you how to add new ones to this list that appears, so do not miss anything that we are going to publish in APPerlas. With our tips, you will squeeze your iPhone with iOS 14.

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