How to add the Telegram widget on your iPhone and iPad

How to know if a person has listened to an audio on Telegram

We show you how to add the Telegram widget on your iPhone or iPad and thus have direct access to your most used chats.

Telegram widget

So you can Telegram widget on your iPhone or iPad

Today we are going to teach you add Telegram widget. A great way to have direct access to those chats that you are using the most.

When we talk about Telegram, we are talking without a doubt about the best app of the moment in terms of messaging apps. And we have a very complete app, which allows us to communicate with other people in multiple ways. In this case, we are going to talk about one of those functions that we are adding without even asking for it.

We talk about widgets Telegram and the way in which we can activate them and start using them on our iPhone or on the iPad itself.

How to add the Telegram widget

What we must do is the simplest. We must have updated the Telegram app, this is the most important of all.

Once we make sure we have the latest version, we go to the widgets section and we are going to add one. In case you don’t know how widgets are added, we have a article in which we explain it Step by Step.

We carry out the same steps and we will see that a new one appears, which is Telegram. Click on this and add it to the widgets section, or we can also add it to our home screen …

Telegram widget 1Telegram widget 1

From the widgets screen, we add the Telegram one

In this way, we will have direct access to those chats that we use the most in our day to day, but without the need to enter the app to look for it. We get with this, that everything is much faster.


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