How to add the new Pride Spheres to Apple Watch

How to add the new Pride Spheres to Apple Watch

We show you how to add the new spheres of pride to Apple Watch and thus be able to enjoy them and their effects.

This is how you can install the new Pride Spheres on your Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you add the new Pride Spheres to Apple Watch. Some spheres that also bring with them an effect that we can activate by turning the digital crown.

Apple every year surprises us with the odd product in relation to pride day. This year was not going to be less and in addition to taking out a series of straps that we can buy from now on, we have also seen how commemorative spheres have appeared that we can add to our watches.

In addition, these spheres bring with them a series of effects that we will be able to activate when we turn the digital crown. So if you want to have these spheres, do not miss anything that we tell you from now on.

How to add the new Pride Spheres to Apple Watch:

The process is very simple and in a few seconds we will be able to have ours installed on the clock. To begin, we must go to the natively installed app that we have on the iPhone.

We go to the Apple Watch app that we have on the iPhone and directly to the section of the spheres. Once here, we will see that each and every one of those that we have available appears. In this case, we are looking for the pride day, which in this case will appear at the top, where it says “What’s New in watchOS”.

Now we just have to section the one we want and click on the button that will appear. “Add” and ready. We will already have our sphere installed.

spheres of pride 1

Click on add

In this simple way we can have the spheres of pride that Apple has launched and that we can install on our watches. In addition, as we have mentioned, if we turn the digital crown, we will see that it does a series of effects that gives it that Apple touch that we like so much.



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