How to add or remove strikethrough text in Google Docs

How to add or remove strikethrough text in Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredibly simplified word processor, offering a compact user interface for a distraction-free writing experience. But sometimes the web application can feel too strained. Unlike Microsoft Word, you don’t have access to many text formatting options on the Google Docs toolbar. And one notable omission is the way to add or remove strikethrough text.

The ability to strike out text can be incredibly useful when you want the original text linked to revisions to be preserved before finalizing changes. The strikethrough is handy when collaborating on documents with other people, especially if you don’t like Suggestion mode in Google Docs.

Despite the lack of a visible option, Google Docs supports the strikethrough feature. Let’s start by finding out what you need to do to add or remove strikethrough text in the Google Docs web app on the desktop. Next, we’ll look at the possibility of doing the same on the Google Docs mobile app for Android and iOS.

Add strikethrough – Google Docs

There are several ways to type text in Google Docs on Windows and macOS. The first method is to dive into the Format menu in the word processor – it is rather tedious to use when performing repeat barrages. But it’s always better to get an idea of ​​where the formatting option is located in the web app. The second method is much faster, especially if you like to use keyboard shortcuts.

1. Use the Format menu

Start by highlighting the part of the text you want to strike out.

Google Docs strikethrough 1

Once you’ve done that, open the Format menu, point to Text, and then click Strikethrough.

Google Docs strikethrough 2

And There you go! Google Docs will format the highlighted text accordingly.

Google Docs strikethrough 3

Note: Unlike Microsoft Word, you can’t simultaneously browse multiple, non-contiguous pieces of text in Google Docs.

2. Use the keyboard shortcut

Highlight the part of the text that requires formatting. If you are using a Windows PC, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 5 to strike out the text. On Mac, use Command + Shift + X instead.

Remove strikethrough – Google Docs

Removing the strikethrough involves performing the same actions you would use to add them in the first place. You can use the Strikethrough option on the Format menu or its keyboard shortcut to remove the strikethrough text.

1. Use the Format menu

Highlight the part of the strikethrough text.

Google Docs strikethrough 4

Open the Format menu, point to Text, and then click Strikethrough.

Google Docs strikethrough 5

Google Docs will remove the strikethrough.

2. Use keyboard shortcuts

Highlight the text, then press Alt + Shift + 5 (Windows) or Command + Shift + X (Mac) to remove the strikethrough formatting.

Cross text in Google Docs on Android and iOS

On the Android and iOS versions of Google Docs, typing in text can be either easy or slightly complicated depending on whether you’re using a tablet or smartphone.

If you’re using Google Docs on a tablet (like an iPad), you’ll likely see a dedicated crossed-out icon (the letter S with a line in the middle), located at the top of the screen. Highlight the required portion of text, and then press the strikethrough icon to strike out the text.

Google Docs strikethrough 6

On smartphones, you need to tap the Format icon (the letter A with four lines), located at the top right corner of the screen. This should reveal the Strikethrough option – tap it to add strikethrough formatting.

Google Docs strikethrough 7

Removing strikethroughs from text is similar to adding them: highlight the text, then tap the strikethrough icon at the top of the screen or the strikethrough option present in the Format menu.

Strikethrough – What to look for

When typing through text, there are two things to check. First, the text always appears in the final word count. If your document is to contain a set number of words, you should remove any strikethrough text to get a specific word count.

Second, you can expect the strikethrough formatting to be retained if you plan to convert a document to another file format. However, the TXT format is an exception, where you will find the missing strikethroughs. Plain text cannot have any formatting, so this is something you should be aware of. But for other output formats supported by Google Docs (DOCX, PDF, EPUB, etc.), you have no need to worry.

Send your comments to Google

Reading text in Google Docs is pretty much seamless once you get the hang of it. However, you might not like to dive into the Format menu or perform the three-key shortcut when adding or removing strikethrough text every time. While there is nothing you can do to get a dedicated strikethrough icon in the Google Docs toolbar, the best you can hope for is to submit your comments to Google and make a feature request.


Having trouble using Google Docs in Chrome? Click on the following link to learn how to clear the cache and format your document.

Last updated on Jul 23, 2020

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