How to add widgets to the home screen in iOS 14

How to add new widgets on the iPhone or iPad with iOS 14

We show you how to add new widgets on both the iPhone and the iPad with iOS 14 or higher, without any problem and having access to all of them.

 new widgets

So you can add new widgets on your iPhone or iPad

Today we are going to teach you add new widgets on iPhone or iPad. A good way to see all the floating cards that we have available, but that are apparently hidden.

When we go to the widgets section, we realize that there are few or perhaps not as many as we expected. The truth is that these are hidden and we have to add them to appear. In this way we can really see all the ones we have and select the ones we like the most.

So in APPerlas we are going to show you how to access these widgets and add them to the main page, and then move them to the home screen.

How to add new widgets on the iPhone or iPad

What we must do is go to the widgets section and once here, go to the bottom of this screen. We will see here the button <>.

Click on this button and the button will appear right at the top <>.

new widgetsnew widgets

Click on the edit button that appears below and then on +

Click on this and it will take us directly to the section in which all the widgets that we have available are found. Now we just have to select the one we want to add. To do this, click on the one we like and it will appear directly in this section.

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When we have it added, we just have to follow the steps that we explain in our article to add widgets to the home screen.

In this simple way, we will have access to all those cards that iOS 14 allows us to put on our home screen or in the specific section that we have for it.

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