How to add more apps to the main iPhone app screen

How to add more apps to the main iPhone app screen

All or almost all device users ios, we use the main application screen of our iPhone, iPad and iPod TOUCH to host the apps we use the most on a daily basis.

Main screen of applications on iPhone

Surely it will happen to you like us and you will lack spaces to put all the apps you would like on the first screen of your iOS device, truth?. Today we explain one of our tricks for iPhone with which to make room on that screen of the iPhone and that all those applications that you want enter and that, for the moment, you have relegated to a second, third … screen of apps.

If you are one of the people who does not, we recommend that you place the Applications what else you use. It is a way to have them all in one place and accessible at any time. As soon as you unlock the device, they will be the first to appear.

Add more apps to the main application screen of the iPhone and iPad:

Our ally will be the control center. Thanks to it, we will be able to host in that menu, access to applications that by default are installed on the first screen of the iPhone.

Control Center with native iOS apps

Control center with native iOS apps

Surely you have access to applications such as calculator, camera, access to clock functions such as alarm, countdown … Right? So … why do you want them on the first screen of the iPhone? To the control center you can access quickly, even with the device locked and enter those apps.

That is why if so, we encourage you to remove the native apps for calculator, clock, camera, notes, wallet… Of the first screen, thus, make room for others that, for whatever reason, you want to have present on that screen.

If you cannot delete them, you can add them to a folder to have them located and grouped in one place. You can locate that folder, for example, in the last application screen of your iPhone Y iPad. Also, if you have iOS 14 or higher, you can make use of the Apps library to hide apps.

What do you think of the trick? We hope you liked it and if you put it into practice, tell us about it in the comments of this article.



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